Aziderm 20%


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Treatment: Treatment of Acne
Drug Name Azelaic Acid 20%
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Aziderm 20%



Aziderm 20% Cream is a treatment for acne (pimples). It effectively relieves symptoms associated with various types of acne, such as lumps, redness, and swelling. It works by killing the bacteria that causes acne.


Aziderm 20% Cream is only for external use. It should always be used exactly as directed. Before applying, make sure that both the affected area and your hands are clean and dry. To get the most out of this medication, take it on a regular basis.


If you use more than you need, your condition will not improve faster, and some side effects may worsen. Inform your doctor if your condition persists for more than four weeks or worsens at any time. Keep the affected areas clean to help this medication work better.


Aziderm 20% Cream may cause a few side effects, but not everyone will experience them. Application site reactions such as burning, irritation, itching, and redness are examples of these. If these bother you or do not go away, consult your doctor. Try not to get the medicine in your eyes. In the event of an accident, thoroughly rinse with water.


Before using this medication, you should consult your doctor if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or intend to become pregnant.





Acne Treatment





In Acne Treatment


Aziderm 20% Cream is used to treat acne, also known as pimples. It kills the acne-causing bacteria and keeps spots and pimples at bay. It usually takes a few weeks to see a difference, so keep using it even if it doesn’t seem to be working.


clearer. The sooner you begin using it, the less likely you are to develop scars. As your skin clears up, this medication will improve your mood and boost your confidence. If you have eczema or sunburned skin, avoid using it.





Most side effects are harmless and will go away as your body adjusts to the medication. Consult your doctor if they persist or if you are concerned.


Aziderm’s most common side effects


Reactions at the application site (burning, irritation, itching and redness)




This medication is only for external use. Use it according to your doctor’s instructions for dosage and duration. Before using, read the label carefully. After cleaning and drying the affected area, apply the cream. Unless your hands are the affected area, wash your hands after applying.





Azelaic acid works by killing acne-causing bacteria and decreasing skin inflammation (redness and swelling).







The use of Aziderm 20% Cream during pregnancy is generally regarded as safe. Animal studies have revealed that there are few or no negative effects on the developing baby; however, human studies are scarce.



Breastfeeding is an option.


Aziderm 20% Cream is most likely safe to use while breastfeeding. According to the limited human data, the drug poses no significant risk to the baby.





If you miss a dose of Aziderm 20% Cream, skip it and resume your regular schedule. Do not increase the dose.



Quick hints


  • Only apply it precisely to the affected area. If irritation occurs, discontinue use and consult your doctor.
  • If you have sensitive skin, apply Azelaic acid only once a day for the first week of treatment, then twice daily thereafter.
  • Before applying the cream/gel, thoroughly clean and dry the skin with plain water.
  • Avoid coming into contact with your eyes, mouth, or other inner skin layers (mucous membranes). In the event of an accident, immediately wash with plenty of cold water.
  • Inform your doctor if you are pregnant, intend to become pregnant, or are breastfeeding.





Q. How much Aziderm 20% Cream should be used?


Follow your doctor’s instructions exactly. If your entire face is affected, use 2.5 cm (approx. 0.5 g) of cream each time. If you have acne on your chest, back, or both, adjust the amount of cream accordingly.



Q. How long does it take for Aziderm 20% Cream to take effect?


The time it takes Aziderm 20% Cream to cure acne varies from person to person. It is determined by the severity of the acne at the start of treatment. After about 4 weeks, the condition usually improves noticeably. For the best results, your doctor may advise you to use Aziderm 20% Cream on a regular basis for several months. Aziderm 20% Cream, on the other hand, should not be used for more than 12 months at a time.



Aziderm 20% Cream lightens the skin.


Aziderm 20% Cream may cause skin colour changes, especially if you have dark skin. If you notice a change in the colour of your skin, contact your doctor right away.



Aziderm 20% Cream, does it help with blackheads?


Aziderm 20% Cream works by killing the acne-causing bacteria (Propionibacterium acnes). It also slows the growth of the tougher outermost skin cells that clog pores and cause blackheads and whiteheads.



Aziderm 20% Cream can be used to treat melasma.


Melasma cannot be treated with Aziderm 20% Cream. Acne and rosacea should be treated with it (a skin disease that causes redness, flushing, and pimples on the face). However, if prescribed by a doctor, it may be used to treat melasma.



Q. How should I apply Aziderm 20% Cream?


The treatment area should be thoroughly cleaned with water. If your skin is oily, use a gentle cleanser. Before applying the cream, pat the skin dry. After applying the cream, gently rub it in. After using it, thoroughly wash your hands.



Q: How frequently should Aziderm 20% Cream be applied?


Unless otherwise directed by the doctor, Aziderm 20% Cream should be applied to the affected areas of skin twice daily (morning and evening). During the first week of treatment, people with extremely sensitive skin should only use it once a day (in the evening). They can start using it twice a day after the first week.